корейOn October 3 there at the National library of the RK took place the International symposium dedicated to the 30-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the panel is the heightening of the level of mutual cooperation in the sphere of science, sociology, economics, education, culture and art between the administration of the prefecture Kwangsangu of the city Kwangju (South Korea) and National library of Almaty city.

There with the word of greeting on behalf of National library of the RK spoke deputy director A.Kh. Yussupova.

The moderator of the activity was the rector of the University Khonam - Choi Yong Chwa.

There at the panel were made the reports by the themes: “The Korean war and the refugees: “The identity of the village “Abai” in Sokcho and its art, “The peculiarities of the ritual culture of the Koreans of Middle Asia connected with the inter-influence of the ritual traditions: from the observation of the ancient rites to the mixing with the local dominant rites”, “The Koreans in the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Kazakhstan (the Koreans of Kazakhstan, the South-Koreans of Kazakhstan, the Koreans of the Republic of Korea): The identity, co-existence and cooperation”, “The strengthening of influence of the Korean community in the sphere of economics and the Korean-Kazakhstani economic cooperation in the epoch of independence”, “The Korean community: the Life of Kazakhstani Koreans (the description of the life of the elderly representatives of the community)” and others.

The guests from Korea presented as a gift to National library of the RK the super-modern notebook and the unique bowl of manual make from wood and incrusted with minute seashell which depict the landscapes of the city of Kwangju as the symbol of friendship between the prefecture of Kwangsang and National library of the RK.

The organizers of the activity: the Cultural centre of Koreans of the CIS “Wolgok” of the prefecture Kwangsang, the Institute of social and humanitarian researches at the university of Honam, the Research Institute of “Abstract culture”, the Research institute of social and humanitarian culture of the block “Koreinmayl”.

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