On September 6 the specialists of the Restoration, Conservation and Binding Service of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the scientific and practical seminar "Topical aspects of organizing the mass survey of library collections: the experience of the RSL".

This seminar is dedicated to summing up the results of the methodological activities of the Department of Integrated Projects for the preservation of the Department of Preservation of the Funds of the Russian State Library for 2022. The joint activity of the RSL staff and invited experts was devoted to the preparation of the updated methodology for conducting the second study within the framework of the All-Russian Monitoring of the state of Library Collections.

The developed methodology was tested in the period from July to September 2022 on the basis of the main fond of the Russian State Library and in a number of federal libraries.The seminar was attended by the developers of the methodology, experts, curators and conservators from the libraries in Moscow and other regions. Based on the results of the work, the library community will be presented with: the methodology for mass assessment of the state of library collections based on the multi-stage stratified sample; the package of methodological and technological materials; video manuals for conducting the mass survey of fоnds.