There in the reading hall after O. Zhandosov of the Service «Kazakstan kitaptary» is organized the book exhibition «Korkem soz shebery», dedicated to the 90-th birthday of the People’s writer of Kazakhstan, the outstanding public figure Sherkhan Murtaza.

Sherkhan Murtaza was born on September 28, 1932 in the village Talapty of the Zhualinskiy district of the Zhambylskaya region. In 1955 he graduated from the faculty of journalistic of the Moscow state university after Lomonosov.  

After the graduation from the university in 1955-1962 he worked at the Kazakh state publishing house of fiction, as the literary worker, the own correspondent of the republicannewspapers «Leninshyl zhas», «Socialistyk Kazakhstan». From 1973 – the secretary of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, chief editor of the magazine «Zhuldyz». From 1975 to 1980 – chief editor of the republican newspapers «Kazak adebiyety», «Socialistyk Kazakstan», 2-nd secretary of the board of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan. In 1980-1989 – chief editor of the newspaper «Kazak adebiyety», in 1989-1992 – chief editor of the newspaper «Socialistyk Kazakstan». In 1992-1994 – chairman of the State committee of tele-radio-casting of Kazakhstan. Sherkhan Murtaza in 1991-1993 was chosen as deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the XII-XIII convocations. All of his time from 1995 the outstanding literary worker dedicated to the creative activity.

There at the book exhibition «Korkem soz shebery» are presented the encyclopaedias, the biographical reference editions, fiction and literature about him. The purpose of the book exhibition is the acquaintance with the life and creative activity of Sh. Murtaza, the attraction of the readers’ attention to the known personality who made a considerable contribution into the development of Kazakh literature.

The author of the short novels «The builder of Daku» (1958), “The sea found» (1963), «The lightning without cloudy days» (1965), «The son of the unknown soldier» (1967), «The bride of the year 41» (1972), of the novels – «The black necklace» (1976), «The fiery arrow» (1987), «The moon and Aisha» (1999), of the plays – «The letter to Stalin» (1988), «The letter of the five» (1989) and others. His works are sincere, truthful, wonderfully close to life. He narrated about the complicated women’s fates, the labour life of the young Kazakhs, attitude to the family, Motherland and many other things. Today the works of Sherkhan Murtaza are translated into many language of the world.    

Sherkhan Murtaza ids the outstanding figure, the coryphaeus of Kazakh literature, the astounding writer who brought up not a single generation of the journalists of Kazakhstan. There for the fruitful labour activity and the huge achievements in the literary field the outstanding Kazakhstan was awarded many honorable titles and awards (the order «Badge of Honour», the State prize of the Kazakh SSR (1978), «The honored figure of arts of the Kazakh SSR» (1984), «The people’s writer of Kazakhstan» (1992), «The honored figure of culture of the Kyrgyz Republic» (1995), the order of «Otan» (1999), the Winner of the prize Tarlan (2000), «The honorary citizen of Astana city» (2002), the order of «Barys» of the 1-st degree (2012).

            We invite everybody to the book exhibition!