On June 29 there within the framework of the project of the Literary academy “The summer holidays at the library” took place the meeting with the well-known children’s writer, poet, winner of the prize “Alash” and the youth prize “Serper”, member of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan Sayat Kamshyger. The activity was held within the framework of “The children’s year in Kazakhstan” and the implementation of the national project “The reading nation”.

The purpose of the meeting is the popularization of the works of Kazakhstani writers which enjoy success with the youth, the upbringing of the moral qualities of the growing generation and the awaking of their interest for reading.

Sayat  Kamshyger was born on May b1, 1978 in the village of Kezensu of the Zharminskiy district of the Eastern-Kazakhstani region. He graduated from the philological faculty of the Almatinskiy state university with honours in 1999. In different years he worked as a teacher at the school №138 after M. Bazarbayev of Almaty city, as senior teacher at the republican boarding school with the deepened studying of the Kazakh language and literature, and also at the university “Kainar”, as scientific worker at the Institute of literature and art after M. Auezov. from 2005 – the literary consultant in the board of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan.

Sayat Kamshyger is the author of the poetical books ”Sary gyul”, “Konil koktemy” and many others and also of the works dedicated to children: “Menyn algashky kitabym”, ”Menin algashky tanymym”, “Menyn syuikty alippem”, “Tastamashy, ana!”, the works of S. Kamshyger were translated into many languages of the world. Sayat translated the book of Aigiz Baimukhametov “The childhood without fairy-tales” into the Kazakh language as “Ertegysyz otken balalyk shak”.

The moderator of the evening was the young specialist of the library Lukpanova Ayaulym. There by the workers of the Services of world literature and periodical editions were prepared the video-row, the book-crossing by the books of the author, there with the review near the book exhibition spoke Alkambai Ayaulym, the verses of the poet were read by Ernar Ergesh, Saniya Abibekova and Sharkhan Mukhammed-Kanapiya dedicated his arnau to the well-known poet Sayat Kamshyger. The participants of the meeting were the pupils, students and young specialists of the library.

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