КБС27On May 27 there at National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the Kazakhstani forum of culture named ”Ult rukhy – urpak muraty” took place the Librarian section named “The new format of literary interaction: the libraries, the writers and the reading nation”.

The main purpose: The work of the libraries in the conditions of building the new Kazakhstan, the discussion of the topical library issues, the exchange of experience and opinions.

Director of National library of the RK Ospanova Bakytzhamal Kayirbekovna

made the word of greeting to the participants of the library section “The new format of the literary interaction: the libraries, the writers and the reading nation” within the framework of the I-st Kazakhstani forum of Kazakhstan “Ult rukhy – urpak muraty”.

In her speech B. Ospanova underlined the high mission of the social institutes, about the role of interaction of the libraries and writers in the assistance in the implementation of the strategical tasks in the construction of New Kazakhstan. She also shared with the participants about the system of protection of the human rights,

The heightening of the role of the Parliament, its responsibility before the electors and the heightening of independence of the regions, she noted the importance of participation of each person at the forthcoming referendum for the constitutional reforms and called the library community of the country to participate actively in the referendum and give their voice for New Kazakhstan.

Pazylova G.A. , the Head of the Department of museums and libraries of the Committee of culture read the words of greeting to the participants of the Forum from the Minister of culture and sport and handed over the awards to the library specialists.

There at the section spoke: Zholdybalinov N.N. – acting director of National academic library of the RK in Nur-Sultan city; Baizakov A.K. – director of the Republican library for the blind and weak-sighted persons; Tleulesov T.B. – deputy director of the Aktyubinskaya regional universal library after S. Bayishev; Sakpanova Zh.S. – deputy director of the Eastern-Kazakhstani regional library after A.S. Pushkin; Zhilkibekova A.A. – head of the Department of development of the libraries of the Pavlodarskaya regional universal scientific library after S. Toraigyrov; Yussupzhanov I. Kh. – the young writer of Kazakhstan who was entered into the book of the Guinness records of Kazakhstan.

There in the library section were discussed the most topical issues of library activity – the problem of reading, and also there were determined the main trends for the attraction of children and adolescents to reading: the popularization of the best specimens of classical literature (within and outside the framework of the study programmes); the acquaintance with the modern domestic and foreign literature; the research of the creative activity of the regional and republican authors; the support of the literary creative activity of the readers.

There by the participants were given the proposals to the Ministry of culture and sport of the RK for the improvement of work in the libraries and the heightening of the prestige of the profession of librarian.

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