image 31 05 22 05 26 2On May 31, the 2022, specialists of the Restoration, Conservation and Binding Service of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan became participants of the practical seminar "The  basic research methods for identification of documents in restoration", held by the Center for Conservation and Restoration of Documents of the All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature (VGBIL)  after M.I. Rudomino.

The head of the VGBIL Conservation and Restoration Center, R.M. Salnikova, made the welcoming speech. The workshop was presented by the restorers of the highest category E.V. Mymrina and I.A. Shilova on the topic: "The theoretical aspects of document research before restoration".

The seminar presented the generalized accumulated experience of practicing restorers in conducting  the  important complex of pre-restoration studies necessary to determine the methods of restoration of documents and control over its condition during restoration. The lesson was conducted on the  books and posters from the VGBIL fond using the portable optical microscopes.

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