There in the Hall of world literature is organized the book exhibition “Konstantin Georgiyevich Paustovskiy – 130 years of the birthday of the Russian writer, journalist, translator”.

There in the Hall of world literature is organized the book exhibition “Konstantin Georgiyevich Paustovskiy – 130 years of the birthday of the Russian writer, journalist, translator”.Konstantin Georgiyevich was born in Moscow in 1892. In 1912 he entered the natural department  of the physical-mathematical faculty of  the Kiyevskiy university, after that he went over to the philosophical department of the historical-philological faculty, and in 1914 he was transferred to the Moscow university.

Paustovskiy travelled much around Russia and the countries of Europe, the impressions from the trips became the basis of many of his works, the first of which are the books of stories “The marine sketches” (1924), “Minetoza” (1927), the novels “The romanticists” (1921), “The shining clouds” (1929). The peculiarity of the prose of Paustovskiy is the absence of plots, the abstracticism, the depiction of the heroes-romanticists living in the world of feelings and high ideals.

Kazakhstan, as is known, entered the fate and creative activity of the well-known Russian writer Konstantin Paustovskiy. Most brightly the Kazakh thematics is reflected in the short novel of K. Paustovskiy “Kara-Bugaz” (1932) and other stories.

In 1934 Paustovskiy wrote the short novel “Kolkhida” based upon the real facts. There to Paustovskiy belong the artistic research “The Black sea” (1936) and “The Northern short novel” (1938) based upon the historical events. There in the works of the second half of the 1930-s Paustovskiy skillfully depicts the charm and poetry of the nature of the middle range of Russia (“The summer days”, 1937; “The Mischer side”, 1939). In the after-war years Paustovskiy worked upon the autobiographical book “The short novel about life” (“The distant years”, 1946; “The restless youth”, 1955; “The beginning of the unknown century”, 1957; “The time of great expectations”, 1959; “The dash to the South”, 1960; “The book of vagabonding”, 1963). There upon the background of the grandiose events of the 20-th century Paustovskiy in “The short novel about life” (1945-1963) with the unusual lyricism narrates about his family, his childhood and the people with whom he met during his life. 

Konstantin Paustovskiy died on July 14, 1968 and was buried upon the cemetery of Tarusy. He was awarded with many state awards, among which there are: the Order of the Labour Red Banner (in 1939 and 1962), the Order of Lenin (1967), the medals “For valiance” and “For the defence of Odessa”, the Prize after Vlodzimesh Petshak (Poland, 1967). 

There upon the book exhibition from the fond of National library of the RK are presented the books of Paustovskiy K.G. and the literature about him in different languages of the world: the stories “In the depth of Russia”, “The selected short novels and stories”, “The book about the artists” in the English language; “The Northern short novel”, “The novels and short stories” in 2 volumes in the Italian language; “The selected stories” in the Spanish and Kazakh languages; the stories “The silence of the rabbit”, “The wise cook” in the Kazakh language; “Behind the rainbow” in the German language; the collection of works in 9 volumes named “Konstantin Paustovskiy” in the Russian language; “The short novels and stories” in the French language and others.

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