орыс тілі

There in the Hall of world literature is organized the book exhibition named “The Russian language and the intercultural communication” for the purposes of popularization of literature in linguistics of the fond of the Book corner of Russia at the National library of the RK.

The multiplicity of languages is the huge heritage of the whole human heritage, and their acknowledgment and respect is the key for the preservation of peace. Because the language is not just the means of communication but it is the necessary condition for the existence of mankind. There through the language are translated the fixed values, beliefs and the originality of each people. Thanks to the language the peoples pass their experience, traditions and knowledge. It is the instrument for communication, meditation and perception, it describes our vision of the world. The language is closely linked with the history of the ethnos, it provides its unity and becomes the pledge of their originality. It forms the inseparable link between its carriers and serves as the basic for the people.

There at the exhibition out of the fond of National library of the RK is presented the scientific and study literature which reflects the history and the modern state of the Russian language, its peculiarities and the sources of the origin. Also there at the exhibition is presented the great choice of reference literature: different dictionaries, reference books and encyclopaedias on the grammar of the Russian language.

There at the exhibition are exposed the collections of scientific works, which highlight the main issues of intercultural communication: S.G. Ter-Minasov “Language and intercultural communication” (2008), N.B. Mechkovskaya “The history of the language and the history of communication: from cuneiform writing tyo the Internet” (2009), V.B. Kashkin “Introduction into the theory of communication” (2022), E.A. Nakhimova “The basics of the theory oc communication” (2015),  “Philology and the communicative sciences” (2015),  S.V. Ilyasova “The lingual game in the communicative space of mass-media and advertizing” (2012), Poplavskaya T.V. “Understand me rightly: interpretation of communicative conduct” (2022), “The Russian language in the world: the modern state and the tendencies for spreading“(2005), “Language. Discourse. Mentality” (2020) and others.