There in the reading hall of the Service of world literature is organized the book exhibition “Globalization, global citizenship and purposes of steady development”.

Globalization, the process of the ever-growing influence upon the social reality of separate countries of different factors of international importance: the economic and political relations, the cultural and informational exchange. The main prerequisites of Globalization – the cancellation of measures retaining the possibilities of free competition at the financial markets, the carrying out of financial operations and the analysis of risks. The main aspects of Globalization is the world market as the system of steady commodity-monetary relations between the countries. The notable role in the process of Globalization is played by the activity of the United Nations Organization (UNO). The main achievement of Globalization in the 21-st century is the creation of the Eurasian Council and the introduction of the Euro.

Steady development is the process of economic and social changes in which the exploitation of natural resources, the sending of investments, orientation of scientific-technical development, development of the personality and the institutional changes are agreed with each other and they strengthen the present and future potential for the satisfaction of the human needs and strivings.

The purposes in the sphere of steady development are the transformation of our world. The conception of steady development appeared during the process of uniting the three main points of view: economic, social and ecological. There is meant the adoption of measures directed upon the optimal use of the limited resources and the use of the ecological-natural, energetical and material-saving technologies, for the preservation of stability of the social and cultural systems, the provision of the integrity of the biological and physical natural systems.      

The purposes in the sphere of steady development of the UNO are a kind of call for action coming from all the countries – poor, rich and average-developed. It is directed upon the improvement of the welfare and protection of our planet. The states admit that the measures for the liquidation of poverty are to be taken together with the efforts for the growing of economic growth and the solution of the whole number of issues in the sphere of education, healthcare, social protection and employment and also the fight with the changing of the climate and protection of environment.

There at the book exhibition out of the fond of National library of the RK are presented the books about the development of mankind during the epoch of globalization, the role of Kazakhstan at the international arena, the materials about the 17 Goals of steady development, documents about the activity of the UNO and UNESCO in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

                                   We invite everybody to the book exhibition!    

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