From September 21 to October 30, 2020 the group of workers of 10 people from the RSA “The Central state archives” go through the studies at the School of conservation and restoration of written documents on the basis of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

From October 19 there for the specialists of the Central state archives – Satambayeva G.A., Seraliyeva A.B., Smagulova A.A. and Rysbekova A.R. the workers of the Service of restoration, conservation and binding of National library of the RK transfer the knowledge and skills in the recovery of the documentary heritage.

The probationers began their studies from the laboratory of scientific conservation of documents: they received the theoretical knowledge in the conservation of the paper documents, and there were demonstrated the practical methods executed in the laboratory. In the biological stabilization there were demonstrated: the cameral disinfection, the cleansing of the sheets, the treatment with the biocides; in the physical-chemical stabilization: the neutralization of acidity, the cleansing from pollutions with the use of different stuffs, the de-cementing of the sheets etc. they were told about the modern technologies in the sphere of preservation of documents: the pH tester-pen, the Bookkeeper spray etc. After that the probationers passed over to the restoration-binding sector where they received the knowledge in the restoration and repair of books: the manufacturing of the glue, the repair and restoration of bindings etc. There in the process of the practical works the specialists are acquainted with different kinds of restoration materials and instruments  and they master the new devices

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