There within the framework of the work of the School for conservation and restoration of written documents acting on the basis of the National library of the RK there was carried out the online lesson by the theme: “Conservation and restoration of library documents”, organized by National library of the RK together with the Kyzylorda regional affiliate of the academy of state administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


There in the online-lesson participated 18 libraries of the Karmakchinskiy district of the Kyzylorda region.

There in the online regime were demonstrated the practical works for the preservation and restoration of books.

There is given information about the work carried out in the laboratory of scientific conservation of documents: the biological, physical-chemical and mechanical stabilization, and also for the long-term storage of documents. There were shown the restoration works for the repair of library books in the restoration-binding sector: the manufacturing of flour glue, bindings in the graphical programmes, the manufacturing of the hard and soft bindings, the restoration of rare books etc.

After the completion of the study the sides exchanged the questions and answers.

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