1On February 29, 2020 hours there at National library of the RK is organized the exit book exhibition at the Hose of friendship dedicated to the Thanksgiving day in Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the holiday is the upbringing of the growing generation in the spirit of tolerance, respect and friendship towards each other, and also the strengthening of the inter-ethnical agreement and inter-national relations in Kazakhstan.

The Thanksgiving day is a bright day of Kazakhstani patriotism, unity and friendship, showing respect by each citizen towards each other, the tribute of respect and gratitude to the Kazakhstani people for the non-indifference and shown clemency during the hard times.

There at the book exhibition out of the fond of National library of the RK were presented more than 100 books and magazines disclosing the history and modern life of the Kazakhstanis of different nationalities, the culture, traditions, rites and art. There with the book exhibition the guests were acquainted by the head of “Kazakstan kitaptary” service M.B.Zharknalova.

There with the word of greeting and the congratulation at the activity spoke deputy akim of Almaty city E.Zh.Babakumarov. There in the holiday participated the head of the Secretariatof the Asembly of the people of Kazakhstan of Almaty city N.A.Balgimbayev, the heads and representatives of the ethnic-cultural associations of Almaty city and others.

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