On February 6, 2020 at 11.00 hours there in the reading hall of “Kazakstan kitaptary” of the National library of the RK took place the solemn opening of the Scientific centre of Al-Farabi timed for the 1150-th anniversary of the great scientist and thinker Abu Nasyr Al-Farabi.


The purpose of the opening of the Scientific centre of Al-Farabi is the popularization of the spiritual and scientific heritage of the outstanding teacher of mankind, philosopher, scientist-encyclopaedician Abu Nasyr Al-Farabi.

The Scientific centre of Al-Farabi at the National library of the RK is the permanently active in open access exhibition of the works of Al-Farabi and the editions about him from the fond of National library of the RK. These are the collections of works of the great scientist, the materials about the life and his creative activity, the translations of his works into different languages of the world, the researches of the well-known domestic and foreign scientists, philosophers, historians, the electronic editions, the data-base of documents from the periodical editions. The fond of the Centre will be constantly replenished with new editions and materials.

The Scientific centre of Al-Farabi at the National library of the RK gives one the possibility for becoming acquainted and deep studying of the scientific works of the great thinker and carrying out of the mass activities for everybody desiring it. Also there at the Centre will be created all the necessary conditions for carrying out the meetings with the well-known scientists-Farabi researchers, academicians, the organization of thematic competitions, excursion, the demonstration of the films about Al-Farabi and many other things. The opening of the Centre will give a start to a great quantity of activities of the celebration of the 1150-th jubilee of Abu Nasyr Al-Farabi at National library of the RK.

There in the reading halls of periodical editions and dissertations are also organized the exhibitions timed for the jubilee date of Al-Farabi. There in the hall of periodical editions is organized the exhibition named “Gulama galym Al-Farabige 1150 zhyl”, where there are presented the editions of the magazine “al-Farabi”, the articles of the well-known scientists-researchers and philosophers, published upon the pages of the periodical press. There in the hall of dissertations is presented the exhibition “Alemnyn ustazy – Abu Nasyr Al-Farabi”: the candidate, the doctoral dissertations and abstracts of theses by the divisions of philosophy, philology, music and other branches of science.

The host at the activity was the scientific secretary of National library of the RK, member of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan Bolat Zhunisbekov. The guests were the people’s writers of Kazakhstan, the well-known scientists-Farabi researchers, the heads of the diplomatic and international representations, the state and public figures, business people, studying youth, those serving in the army, the librarians of the city libraries and mass-media.

There at the opening spoke the outstanding poet Olzhas Omarovich Suleimenov, director of the UNESCO Cluster Bureau in Almaty city Krista Pikkat, chief consul of the Chinese People’s Republic Gen Lipin, the well-known scientist-Orientalist, doctor of science (philology), professor Absattar Derbisali, deputy chairman of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan Bauyrzhan Zhakyp , and also the well-known scientists- Farabi researchers.

All the invited guests on the ground floor of the library were met with the orchestra of young dombra-players from “Alkisa” school, and in the scientific centre of Al-Farabi – the orchestra of folk instruments of the Kazakh national state academy after T.Zhurgenev. The image of the outstanding thinker Al-Farabi was presented by the actor of the state puppet theatre of Almaty city Bolat Ragituly. There were performed by the youth of National library of the RK the aphorisms of Al-Farabi in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages. There took place the solemn opening ceremony, there was performed the dedication (the arnau) to the outstanding thinker Al-Farabi performed by the folk singer Talant Argyngali and the folk song performed by the artiste from the theatre of traditional arts “Alatau” Shattyk Kumar.

There with the concluding speech spoke director of National library of the RK B.K.Ospanova who acquainted the guests with the Al-Farabi Centre and expressed great gratitude to all the present people.

The Al-Farabi scientific centre is opened with the help of the founders of the private enterprise “Company Agro-Prom Bastau” Company Ltd. Sarynov Arman Erkebulanovich and Kydykov Bakhyt Maratovich.

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