canbaevOn Nobember 1, 2019 there in the hall after N.Dauletova of the National library of the RK of the Ministry of culture and sport of the RK took place the jubilee activity dedicated to the 80-th birthday of the well-known Kazakh writer, dramaturgist, publicist, translator and cinema actor Satimzhan Sanbayev.

The activity with an introductory word was opened by scientific secretary of National library of the RK Zhunisbekov Bolat Zhunisbekovich, who gave the word to the moderator, the well-known scientist, literary expert. Thewell-known translator, doctor of science (philology) AslanZhaksylykov. 

There within the framework of the activity spoke the scientist, cultural study expert, diplomat, the state and public figure Murat Auezov, the publicist Gadilbek Shayakhmetov, the doctor of science in agriculture Erkin Bekmukhamedov, the cinema director, scenario-writer, writer Ermek Tursynov, the poet, doctor of science (philology) Bauyrzhan Zhakyp and others.  

There within the framework of the activity out of the fond of National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan was organized the book exhibition named “Omiri onerimen ornektelgen” dedicated to Satimzhan Sanbayev.

There in the activity participated the representatives of intelligentsia, readers of the library and mass-media representatives.

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