There in the reading hall “Kazakhstan kitaptary” is organized the book exhibition “Er daulety - enbek”, dedicated to the Day of labour in Kazakhstan.

Labour is the man’s activity directed at the creation of the material, spiritual and other values necessary for man’s life.

There in Kazakhstan on the last Sunday of September is celebrated the Day of labour, established by the Decree of the President of the country in 2013. The holiday is designed to raise the authority of the man of labour in society, stimulate the production labour, to propagate the working professions among the youth and strengthen the multi-year traditions of the working dynasties and the realization of the importance of labour from an early age.

The Day of labour is a bright holiday uniting all the citizens of our country. On this very day there are held the holiday activities, the creative and sport competitions, concerts, flashmobs, in the working collectives there are held competitions of professional mastery in which the winner is awarded with certificates and valuable gifts. All these activities are directed upon the strengthening of the collective and consolidation of the corporate spirit.

On the occasion of the holiday of the Day of labour there is established the state award – the honorary medal “Enbek ardageri” (“The veteran of labour”). The medal is given to the workers of different professions who made high achievements in the labour activity and for their also long working period of time.

There upon the book exhibition “Er daulety - enbek” are presented the materials from the fond of the National library of the RK in labour legislation, labour relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the books narrating about different professions, about the successful people from different regions of the country, the veterans of labour etc.

            We invite to the book exhibition! 


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