There in the reading hall of “Kazakhstan kitaptary” is organize the book exhibition “Til – dostyktyn altyn kopyri”, dedicated to the Day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan.

There by the Decree of the Government of Kazakhstan on September 5, 2018 was introduced the National holiday - the Day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan. The holiday is annually marked on September 5, on the birthday of the founder of Kazakh philology, scientist-linguist Akhmet Baitursynov. Before the holiday was marked every third Sunday of September.

 Akhmet Baitursynov (1873-1938) is the author of the first Kazakh ABC, the textbooks in linguistics, literary studies, the first editor of the newspaper “Kazak” (1913-1918), the first People’s commissar of enlightenment, the first professor of the Kazakh university, the poet and translator, the big public and political figure. He started his creative activity from poetry. The work of A.Baitursynov “Masa” (1911) introduced the especial novelty into Kazakh poetry. At the beginning of the XX-th century he managed to lay the foundation and form the science about the Kazakh language. Creating the Kazakh alphabet on the basis of Arabic script, A.Baitursynov became the reformer of Kazakh written language.

Kazakhstan is a multi-national country, which became native for many people. Everybody can live and work, study his native language, the Kazakh language, culture, rites, traditions of his own people and other peoples.

The purpose of the holiday is the preservation of the integrity of the multi-national people of Kazakhstan, the development and wide-spreading of the Kazakh language, the upbringing of love and respect to our country, the upbringing in the spirit of respect of the culture and traditions of different nationalities that live on the territory of Kazakhstan.

On this holiday day there are held different activities dedicated to the importance of  the languages of the people of Kazakhstan: scientific conferences, panels, forums, book exhibitions, festivals, quizzing games etc.

There the book exhibition “Til – dostyktyn altyn kopyri” out of the fond of National library of the RK are presented the materials on the history, culture, rites and traditions of all the peoples and also the editions for everyone who is interested in the modern ethnic-lingual processes.

We invite everybody to the exhibition!